The Troll Bridge is a fantasy attraction that is based on a actual "troll bridge". It requires parts to complete the ride.

Troll Bridge

It has five stages to complete it. Each stage needs different parts to complete. When you completed a stage, you will be awarded some energy, 2 hospitality and 200 coins.When you completed the troll bridge, you will be awarded 800 boost points and 240 popularity.


1st stage: 1980 coins, 1980 boost points, 320 goods and 5 billy goat horns.

2nd stage: 2475 coins, 2475 boost points, 400 goods and 5 monsterous fur pelt.

3rd stage: 2970 coins, 2970 boost points, 480 goods, 3 troll tooths and 2 bloodshot eye.

4th stage: 3465 coins, 3465 boost points, 560 goods, 1 troll tooths, 10 rubber muscles.

5th stage: 3960 coins, 3960 boost points, 640 goods, 4 bloodshot eyes, 5 sharp fingernails.

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