Fairground Tilt-A-Whirl
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Running time: 16:00:00
Level 1
Starting gives: Thrill Points 40
Boosting gives: Thrill Points 20
Popularity: Popularity 15
Level 2
Starting gives: Thrill Points 56
Boosting gives: Thrill Points 28
Popularity: Popularity 21
Level 3
Starting gives: Thrill Points 80
Boosting gives: Thrill Points 40
Popularity: Popularity 30
Level 4
Starting gives: Thrill Points 112
Boosting gives: Thrill Points 56
Popularity: Popularity 42
Level 5
Starting gives: Thrill Points 160
Boosting gives: Thrill Points 80
Popularity: Popularity 60
The Tilt-A-Whirl is a fairground attraction. When placed, it stops working every 16 hours and has to be restarted. Starting the ride gives you some Thrill Points depending on its level. Boosting the ride gives you half the Thrill Points.

Construction Needed

After placing the Tilt-A-Whirl, some materials are needed to finish the attraction. Click here to see the "Attraction Upgrade Costs" of the Attractions.

Repair Cost

When you boost the Tilt-A-Whirl 5-10 times in a row it explodes and has to be repaired and restarted. The cost and duration of repair varies from player to player. Some players have to pay Coins and Goods to repair an attraction, some have to wait for some hours, some have to pay and wait and for some repairing is free and instantaneous.

Level 1 Coins 200
Goods 30
Level 2 Coins 200
Goods 30
Level 3 Coins 400
Goods 60
Level 4 Coins 400
Goods 60
Level 5 Coins 400 - 800
Goods 45 - 90
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