A Blast From the Past!

Treat your guests to a screaming good time with the TerrorDactyl Falls, the hottest ride since 150 Million B.C.

Rawr! 1/5

It's time to roll back the clock 150 million years and take your guest on a prehistoric adventure though my new ride, TerrorDactyl Falls!

  • Place the TerrorDactyl Falls foundation.
  • Finish building the TerrorDactyl Falls foundation.

Reward. Not bad! I was afraid we might get off to a rocky start, but you made it look easy!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 200 Hospitality icon 2

You Old Fossil 2/5

Let's give the TerrorDactyl Falls that genuine aged look with some really, really old fossils. Before the dinosaurs, there were the trilobites!

  • Complete the second stage of the TerroDactyl Falls attraction.

Reward. This attraction is really coming together! Say, did you know that trilobites ruled the earth for longer then the dinosaurs? Me neither!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 300 Baseballcaps 1

Wild and Woolly 3/5

Dinosaurs weren't the only stars of the prehistoric world, you know. Let's show some love for our Ice Age friends as well!

  • Complete the third stage of the TerroDactyl Falls attraction.

Reward. Way to handle a mammoth ordeal! I know, I know, tusk, tusk.

Gen CoinStack 01 60 400 Sword Fern 1

Lava Good Challenge 4/5

Here's a tough one. This attraction needs a fountain of boiling hot lava to make it really thrilling! Handling lava is a bit of a tricky business, however.

  • Complete the fourth stage of the TerroDactyl Falls attaction.

Reward. You toke the heat and managed to make the llava flow. The TerorDactyl Falls is almost ready to make your guest scream with delight!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 500 Hospitality icon 1

Flight of the Robo-Dactyl 5/5

It's time to go high-tech to finish our prehistoric feature! Create a Robo-Dactyl to finish off the TerrorDactyl Falls.

  • Complete the final stage of the TerroDactyl Falls attaction.

Reward. That was a soaring success! The Robo-Dactyl is the perfect finishing touch to your most thrilling attraction yet!

Woodworking kit 4 Prehistoric Plant 1 Gen CrateStack 01 60 600

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