Sloop and Slide.

Prepare to be Boarded 1/5

we're going on a raid to find out what Marty's up to. Assemble your forces!

  • Collect 2 inflatable swords to raid Marty's workshop.
  • Use 12 Balloon Bouquets to use as water ballons.
  • Cook 1 Cheesecake. The smell will get Marty to unlock his office.


Gen CoinStack 01 60 200 Pirate boot 1

Landlubbers Need Not Apply 2/5

Even though Marty's a stinker for trying to keep this a secret, let's help make our pirate ship attraction a success!

  • Stock the pirate ship's treasure room with 8 Goblets.
  • Give 12 Ice Cream to Marty. He was nice enough to tell us what he's up to.
  • Collect 200 Goods to help Marty Build.


We're off to a great start! Let's keep up the good work. For Marty!

Pirate hat 1 Gen CrateStack 01 60 200

Bruce Almighty 3/5

Nothing says fun like sharks. Toy sharks, that is!

  • Collect 3 Shark Pool Toys for kids to play with.
  • Search the Toy Cart 8 times to find more water toys.
  • Collect from Restrooms 3 times to handle the increased water pressure.


lemon drop 1 Dbr Gen ThrillStack 01 60 500

Long Nines 4/5

Water guns are a favorite at water attractions. Let's add some firepower to fun!

  • Craft 1 water Cannons to add some fun.
  • Collect 8 Hospitality to make sure this is the best pirate ship ever!
  • Place 4 Fantasy Decorations to accerorize the pirate ship.


Gen CoinStack 01 60 400 pirate hat 1

Let's Do Launch 5/5

Let's do something for those people who can't ride the slide, but still love water!

  • Launch 1 Inflatable Pirate Ship.
  • Boost viking swing 10 times to understand boat physics.
  • Give away 12 Sunglasses to protect our guests' eyes.


Troll Pirate 1 Gen CrateStack 01 60 200

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