Miniquests are shorter than the normal questlines related to themes. There are certain quests that are theme based but are not related to the landmark.


A Grand Entrance

Task Rewards
  1. Upgrade your Front Gate
Coins 80

Start a Fan Club

Task Rewards
  1. Build an Annual Pass Office
  2. Collect from the Annual Pass Office
Coins 40
  1. Give 1 Annual Pass
Coins 40

Feed the Children

Task Rewards
  1. Search the Hot Dog Cart for 1 Hot Dog
  2. Upgrade the Hot Dog Cart to level 2
Coins 80
  1. Build out some Roads
  2. Move 2 businesses closer to attractions
  3. Earn 30 Coins
Coins 60
Goods 10
  1. Have 4 Expansion Segments for the Comet Coaster
  2. Upgrade the Carousel to level 2
Coins 80

Growth Potential

Task Rewards
  1. Go to fullscreen view
  2. Expand your park's land to find the Strong Box
  3. Place some Paths
Coins 20
Goods 10

Goodwill Gifts

Task Rewards
  1. Have a level 2 Hat Cart
  2. Give 3 Baseball Caps
Coins 80
Hospitality 1

Buried Treasure

Task Rewards
  1. Place a Blue Safe treasure chest
  2. Collect a Brass Key
  3. Open a Blue Safe
Annual Passes 2
ThrillPoints 500


A Whole New View

Task Rewards
  1. Have a Ferris Wheel attraction
  2. Paint some new Terrain
  3. Upgrade the Ferris Wheel to level 2
Coins 100
Toy Frog 1
  1. Order 1 shipment of Goods
  2. Collect 50 Goods
Coins 80






Limited Edition

Quests for Limited edition rides can be found on the relevant pages

Winter MegaWheel Released on December 18th
Cupid's Revenge Released on February 4th
Fortress Stage Released on February 11th
Kraken Released on March 4th
Bunny Hop Released on March 19th
Sloop and Slide Released on April 4th
Jungle Spin Released on April 11th
TerrorDactyl Falls Released on April 18th
Mascot Swing Released on April 25th
Deap Sea Kraken Released on May 15th
Flyin' Saucer Released on May 16th
Outdoor Aquarium Released on May 23rd
Runaway Mine Car Released on May 30th
Rocket Bungee Released on June 19th

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