Spinning Up 1/5

While the foundtaion for the Jungle Spin is going in, we can collect some decrorative materials.

  • Place the Jungle Spin foundation.
  • Finish building the Jungle Spin foundation.

Reward. I feel light as a feather I'm so excited to see the Jungle Spin get started! Let's see what's next!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 200 Hospitality icon 2

Bamboozled 2/5

I love the idea of using renewable materials to build attraction!

  • Complete the second stage of the Jungle Spin attraction.

Reward. The next stage is done! You're doing great!

brass key 1 Dbr Gen ThrillStack 01 60 300

Eye of the Beholder 3/5

Don't just sit there spinning your wheels! Let's keep building the Jungle Spin!

  • Complete the thrid stage of the Jungle Spin attraction.

Reward. The new decorations are really making this ride look great! What's the next thing we need?

annual passes 2 Gen CrateStack 01 60 200

The Best Offense 4/5

Don't get caught going around in circles. That's for our guests!

  • Complete the fourth stage of the Jungle Spin attraction.

Reward. The Jungle Spin's future is so bright, I need to shield my eyes! Let's finish it up! wicker benches 2 Dbr Gen ThrillStack 01 60 200

Wood You Believe 5/5 Just a little more detail work and the Jungle Spin attraction will be done!

  • Complete the final stage of the Jungle Spin attraction.

Reward. It's done! The Jungle Spin attraction is ready and revving!

JaguartemplepostcardsGen CrateStack 01 60 200 Broken Truck 1

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