Jungle level 1

faux Fabrications 5/6

We can't just give away all of our priceless artifacts. Let's create some replicas to sell as cheaper souvenirs.

Get 8 Jade to carve.

Finish making a Jade Mask.

Finish making a Jaguar Artifact.

Sub chapter rewards.

These artifacts look almost as nice as the real thing. I bet your guests won't even know the difference!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 320 Gen CrateStack 01 6015 Hospitality icon 8

All That Glitters 6/6

The replica-selling business is booming. Rake in a treasure of your own- glittering golden coins!

Have 2 Level 5 shops to capitalize on the spending spree.

Collect from shops 5 times.

Collect 1000 coins.

Sub chapter rewards.

It looks like we're made a small fortune here that will go directly to improving our jungle Safari! Great work, mate!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 400 Jungle Lost And Found 1

Salvage Solutions 1/6

Chapter reward 1 jaguar statue

Jungle survival is all about being resourceful. I bet we can use that same know-how to work to our advantage in your park.

  • Finish creating 3 metal Working kits.
  • Get 2 inspirations to come up with something new!

Sub chapter reward. None Appeared.

Jeep of Faith 2/6

Looking at this scrap, I think we could make a vehicle. Maybe that would help optimize our goods deliveries!

  • Have 2000 goods.
  • Finish making 1 Motorized Jeeps.

Sub chapter reward. None Appeared.

Get Behind The Wheel! 3/6

These jeeps would be much better put to use in a safari-inspired attraction where your guests take the steering wheel! 

  • Build the Jammin' Jeeps attraction.
  • Boost the Jammin' Jeeps attraction 4 times.
  • Use your mechanic skills! Repair the Jammin' Jeeps 1 time

Sub chapter reward. Jungle Progress! A few break downs are to be expected. But you've proven already that there aren't many problems that you can't fix!

Gen CrateStack 01 60 80 energy 1 Dbr Gen ThrillStack 01 60 360

Kick It into High Gear 4/6

Well done! The Jammin' Jeeps is a success, but i think we can do even better. Your guests thirst for adventure!

  • Have 16 attractions in your park for variety.
  • Get 2000 Thrill Points.
  • Restart Lost Jungle Attractions 3 times.

Sub chapter reward. Jungle Progress! Well done, mate! I can't believe how much excitement is swirlin' around the Jaguar Temple. This place feels alive.

Gen CrateStack 01 60 150 Dbr Gen ThrillStack 01 60 250

Vine Country 5/6

The ol' Rock Wall Climb is starting to look a bit tame. Let's propel your guests through a Peruvian rain forest on nothing but a vine swing!

  • Get 1 Climbing Harnesses
  • Make 1 vine swings.
  • Have a level 2 Rock wall Climb.

Reward. ?

Swing State 6/6

Traveling by foot seems so tame for a Safari. Build a Vine Swing and your guests will glide over the jungle floor!

  • Place 4 Sword Fern Cluster to create the jungle floor.
  • Get 10 Bamboo Poles for supports.
  • Build Vine Swing attraction.


Gen CoinStack 01 60 350  jagaur statue 1 Dbr Gen ThrillStack 01 60 50

River Recon 1/7

Our plans to improve the Jaguar Temple have reached an impasse. Let's find out what is keeping shipments from reaching us.

  • Collect 2000 coins to fund recon effort.
  • Have 2 motorized Jeeps.
  • get 1 explorer's Jackets.

Reward ?

A Stone's Throw Away 2/7

Well,it's worse then i thought. A giant boulder is blocking off the river the temple artifacts are shipped down. What now?

  • Send 400 goods as support supplies to Zapuma.
  • Have a level 2 Traveler's Canteen. A drink would be nice right about now...
  • Finish creating 2 Pineapple Juice and stay calm.


I feel a little better now, but drowning my sorrows won't get us any closer to solving this dilemma. We need some help!

coins 400 goods 40

Boulder Blasting 3/7

Howdy, Hank here to help. If y'all want to be rid of a boulder, it stands to reason a bushel of dynamite oughta do the trick.

  • Get 2 Boxes if explosives.
  • Finish maing 4 Climbing Harnesses to get to the top of the boulder.
  • Get 8 candles to light the fuse.


The fuse'll be set in no time, and that boulder will be history. Kabam!

coins 380 goods 60

Waterlogged 4/7

The boulder's blown to bits, but we still need them artifacts. The pioneers would make log boats to float goods down river.

  • Get 8 wood logs.
  • Finish creating 2 Log Boats.
  • Recreate the river Conditions. Have 2 Arowana River expansion segments.


Judgin' by hoow fast these log boats can travel, I'd reckon the shipments will be here quicker'n a greased rabbit.

goods 200 energy 2

The Natives Are Restless 5/7

Thanks, Hank! The rest of the shipments will be here soon. To keep your guests from getting restless, you should liven up the park a bit.

  • Boost attractions 12 Times.
  • Collect from shops 5 times.
  • Have 2500 goods.


Hooray! The goods have finally come in. Our construction on the Jaguar Temple can resume as planned!

goods 150 hospitality 5 energy 3 

Recycling the Rubble 6/7

That boulder left quite a bit of rubble. Why not use the stony stuff to make some enhancements for the Jaguar Temple?

  • Search the Ancient Treasure Guft Shop 5 times for some jade.
  • Finish creating 2 Jaguar Artifacts.
  • Finish creating 1 Stone Sarcophagus.

On Safari 1/5

Make our jungle Safari a destination! Expand the Arowana River Ride to create our safari adventure, and make sure we have plenty of places for our guests to stay.

  • Have 3 expansion segments on the Arowana River Ride.
  • Craft 2 Animated Crocodiles for a wild experience.
  • Have 3 hotels to house our guests.

Reward. Great! Guest will be flocking to your park to go on a great river adventure!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 350 Dbr Gen ThrillStack 01 60 150

Bargain Hunting 2/5

Once we get our guests in, they'll want tome souvenirs from their Safari. Build a Tribal Hunt Shop and get them bargain hunting!

  • Have 10 Shops for guests to buy souvenirs.
  • Make 2 Hunting Bows to sell in shops.
  • Build the Tribal Hunt Shop.

Reward. Wow! Look at all of those guests with shopping bags full of souvenirs to remember their safari!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 500 Gen CrateStack 01 60 50

Zapuma Style 3/5

Our safari will feel a lot more authentic if we add some tribal flair, straight from the jungles of Zapuma.

  • Get 6 Coconuts for decor.
  • Craft 2 tribal Torches for fiery mood lighting.
  • Move 1 Tribal shield and Spear decorations to tie it all together.

Reward. The people of Zapuma would be proud! This place looks great!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 600 energy 1

Going Native 4/5

Get your guests dressing up in jungle style. Let's make some fashionable tribal accessories.

  • Get 4 Crocodile Teeth for necklaces.
  • Get 4 Swan Feathers for headdresses.
  • Craft 2 Paint for facepainting.

Reward. Way to go! Your guests look so tribal with their awesome outfits and face paint!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 500 Hospitality icon 6

Rites of Passage 5/5

Recreate the traditional Zapuma Rite of Passage ritual with Lava Pots attraction. Are your Guests brave enough to ride inside a pot over boiling lava?

  • Have a Lava Pots attraction.
  • Get 3 Tike Idols to enchance the ritual.
  • Boost Lost Jungle attactions 6 times to build excitement.

Reward. The Zapuma Rite of Passage ritual was a huge success! Your guests are brave!

Map Shop 1

Hot Fish on the Barbie 1/4

The natives of Zapuma I hear are very fond of the fresh barbecued fish. I bet your guests will love some too, in a newly redisigned Piranha Kabobs shack!

  • Make 6 delicious Seafood.
  • Boost the Lava Pots 3 times for some lava!
  • Have a level 3 Piranha Kabobs.

Reward. Your guest are going to love the new Piranha Kabobs and all the delicious Seafood it serves!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 400 Gen CrateStack 01 60 120

Cool the Burn 2/4

Toohot! Those coals were a little hotter then we expected. Cool the burn for your guests with some refreshing beverages.

  • Make 1 Fruiy Punch.
  • Make 1 Pineapple Drink.
  • Colect from Travelers Canteen 2 times.

Reward. Aaaah! That feels beter! Those refreshing drinks cooled things down nicely!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 400 Dbr Gen ThrillStack 01 60 40

Easy Feating 3/4

Let's create a more leisurely place for guests to lounge and dine on their favorite jungle-inspired dishes. An Amazon Cafe would do just the trick!

  • Have an Amazon Cafe.
  • Collect from Lost Jungle Restaurants 2 times.
  • Place 3 Wicker Benches for guests to lounge.

Reward. This new Amazon Cafe and lounge area are so relaxing! Guest will love it!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 400 energy 3 Dbr Gen InspirationStack 01 60

Such Sweet Satisfaction 4/4

No meal would be complete without a dessert. Let's whip up some tropical treats!

  • Have 3 Baking Supplies to start making dessert.
  • Get 4 Sugar to sweeten things up.
  • Craft 2 Coconut Cream Pies.

Reward. Mmmmm! Deliciously tropical! These Coconut Cream Pies are great!

Bromeliad 1

A Happy Haven 1/6

We should let everyone know that our Jungle Safari is not only exciting, but safe and happy place to stay.

  • Collect 8 Hospitality from hotels.
  • Give 3 Annual Passes to guests.
  • Boost attractions 10 times.

Reward. We made a lot of fans with our Hospitality and annual passes. word will spread we are exciting, yet still safe!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 350 Gen CrateStack 01 60 170 Hospitality icon 4

Spa Escape 2/6

What better way to pamper our guests then with a luxurious spa escape?

  • Get 5 Coals to build a nice relaxing sauna.
  • Craft 1 Black Cauldron to put the coals in.
  • Have a level 3 Travelers Canteen for guest to unwind at after the spa.

Reward. Our guest will love the new Jungle spa! It's so relaxing!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 600 energy 1

Looking Fabulous! 3/6

After a relaxing spa, offer your guests another level of luxury with some fabulous facials made from all-natural ingredients.

  • Make 3 Vegetables. Cucumbers work great!
  • Get 4 Honey. It does wonders for the skin!
  • Get 4 Pineapple Slices to open the pores.

Reward. These spa facials are amazing! The guests love them ! Gen CoinStack 01 60 500 Gen CrateStack 01 60 100 Hospitality icon 2

Incidental Incidents 4/6 What's this? There's been a disturbance in the happiness of our jungle haven! Souvenirs are going missing mysteriously, and the spa facial has been given some guests rahes. What could possibly be going on?

  • Collect from 2 First Aid Buildings to treat the rash.
  • Collect from 2 Lost and Found Buildings to help guests find lost souvenirs.
  • Get to the bottom of this! Collect from hotels 2 times.
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