The Future Quests are a series of tasks focused around the Future theme. The tasks may have different requirements, varying from item requests to collecting from shops and upgrading buildings. To start the Future Quests you need a park Popularity of at least 475.

The Future Quests exist of 5 Journeys, which are made up from different chapters. Every chapter contains a number of parts which have to be fulfilled before continuing to the next part.

1st Journey

1st Chapter

Task Rewards
Place the Tower of Tomorrow Landmark

120 coins

20 Goods

120 Thrill points

2nd Chapter

Task Rewards
  1. Get 2 Future Club Passes
  2. Place some well-lit Digitronic Paths
  3. Have a Hologram Show in your park

400 coins

2 Hospitality

80 Thrill points

  1. Get 6 Java Jolts
  2. Have 1 Java Crumble Cake
  3. Have a Level 2 Future restaurant

400 coins

250 Thrill points

  1. Fuse 2 Quartz Crystals
  2. Place 1 of the Stacked Cubes
  3. Make 1 Hologram Projector

400 coins

1 Future Arch

3rd Chapter

Task Rewards
  1. Get 5 Cargo Crates
  2. Have 6 Java Jolts
  3. Use 4 Inspiration

350 coins

60 Goods

  1. Have a Future Fashions shop
  2. Make 3 Costume Kits
  3. Collect from 5 shops
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