Frontier is the second theme to be unlock in CoasterVille.

Frontier level 2 chapter reward 1 gun fight stunt show

Bitter Aftertaste 1/6

The smell of corn dogs is haunting me. Let's have a chili cook-off to celebrate the upgrade of eagle rock.

Craft 4 baking supplies for cookin' outdoors.

Upgrade the Buffalo Steakhouse to level 3 to improve capacity.

Move the Hot Dog Cart: Hank can't take the smell.

Sub chapter reward.

With my head clear, I can focus on making this the most authentic chili cook-off ever!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 200 Gen CrateStack 01 60 100 Time to Beef Up 2/6

Frontier level 2 Time to Beef Up 2 of 6

  • Collect 200 Goods to have enough seasoning.
  • Craft 4 Meat to use at the cook-off.
  • Gather 6 steaks for making chili.

Sub chapter reward. 

Whooee! I think that's more food then I've seen in my entire life. And I'm no stanger to the steakhouse!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 200 Rope 1 Dbr Gen ThrillStack 01 60 65 

Irons in the Fire 3/6

Frontier level 2 Irons in the Fire 3 of 6

  • Craft 4 Vegetable for side dishes.
  • Upgrade the General Store to Level 5 to improve the candy counter.
  • Collect 6 Gunpower for the gunslingers show.

Sub chapter reward.

I think we're almost ready to get this cook-off goin'. Let's start preparing the food!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 200 haybale 1 Gen CrateStack 01 60 100

The Secret Ingredient 4/6

Your chili is only as good as the ingredienst you use. Good thing I have my own secret recipe!

  • Collect 6 Sarsaparilla Bottles to spice up the chili.
  • Craft 4 Fruit to use as garnish. And to keep scurvy away.
  • Upgrade the chuck Wagon to Level 3 to handle the crowd at the Chili Cook-off.

Sub chapter reward.

I like they way you're going with your chili. And I think the guests are gonna love it, too!

Gen CoinStack 01 60 200 Dbr Gen ThrillStack 01 60 100

Light The Fires 5/6

The Grounds For the Chili Cook-off are looking a little rough.Let's get the area looking sharp.

  • Place 6 Frontier Decorations to make the area look nice.
  • Collect 6 Hay Bales for people to sit on.
  • Craft 4 Paint to touch up the buildings.

Sub chapter reward.

The cookout area is lookin' great! Let's get those grills started.

Gen CoinStack 01 60 200 Hospitality icon 1 Dbr Gen ThrillStack 01 60 100

Pie Noon 6/6

Cowboys are well-known for loving pie. Help me bake enough to feed a hungry posse of buckaroos.

  • Upgrade the Pie Shop to Level 4 to provide enough pies for dessert.
  • Collect 6 Pies from the Pie Shop.
  • Craft 2 Cream Pies for dessert.


Oh,I'm so full. Nothin' beats an authentic western dinner.

gun fright stunt show 1 Gen CoinStack 01 60 300 Gen CrateStack 01 60 100

Western Hospitality 1/4

With so many cowpokes showin' up here to take part in our mining town, it makes sense to build an authentic hotel.

  • Collect from the Front Gate to access guest trafic.
  • Collect 3 hospitality to make sure we're meeting our guests' needs.
  • Colect from 2 Fonrtier shops to see how people are spending money.


Looks like we have enough folks showin' up that a hotel is a good idea.

Gen CoinStack 01 60 200 Gen CrateStack 01 60 100 Dbr Gen ThrillStack 01 60 100

Ask for Permission 2/4

We'll need to get permits to build the Hotel. We don't want to upset the Mayor. He's counting on us to do this right.

  • Pay the Fee to get a Hotel permit.
  • Upgrade the Wood Craving Store to level 2 to make decorations for the hotel.
  • Purchase an expansion to provide room for construction.


We're all clear to start construction of the Hotel. Let's get on it!

Silver Eagle Hotel 1  Gen CoinStack 01 60 300 Gen CrateStack 01 60 100

Construction Time 3/4

It's time to start construction. What're we just standin' around for?!

  • Collect 2 Boxes of Explosives to prepare the foundation.
  • Build the silver Eagle Hotel.
  • Place a new path to provide easy access to the Hotel.

You got hat sucker built in record time! Let's hope we get some guests.

Gen CoinStack 01 60 200 CostumekitsDbr Gen ThrillStack 01 60 75

Grand Opening! 4/4

Now that the Hotel is open, let's have a party for all the folks stayin' here.

  • Gather 2 Inspiration from friends parks.
  • Collect 6 ballon Bouquets to decorate.
  • Collect 6 Hospitality to make sure our new guests are happy.

Reward. ?

Reel 'Em In 1/6

Now that we have a hotel built, we need an event to pull in some customers. A rodeo and barn dance are just the thing!

  • Upgrade the Mechanical Bull to Level 4 so we can get some practice.
  • Boost the Mechanical Bull 8 times for a good workout.
  • Place 4 Frontier Decorations to pretty up the hotel.

Reward. Preparations are underway. Let's make sure our cowboys and cowgirls are ready to go.

Gen CoinStack 01 60 350 Gen CrateStack 01 60 100

Not My First Rodeo 2/6

I've been puttin' on redeos for years. So take it from me when i say that clothes make the cowboy. Or cowgirl.

  • Collect 6 Cowboy Hats for our cowboys and girls.
  • Craft 4 Metal Working Kits to help make horse shoes.
  • Collect 6 Sarsaparilla Bottles to give away as prizes.

Reward. Now that we have our cowboys outfitted, it's time to focus on the real stars: the animals.

Gen CoinStack 01 60 100 Dbr Gen ThrillStack 01 60 200

Animal Instincts 3/6

Let's avoid puttin' the cart before the horse and make sure our ponies are in tip top shape for the rodeo!

  • Boost the Pony Ride 8 times to give them some exercise.
  • Upgrade the Pony Ride to Level 3 to give them more room to exercise.
  • Collect 8 Hay Bales to feed the animals.
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