Businesses generate income. There are two types of businesses: Shops and Restaurants. When searching a shop you can gain special items needed for upgrades and Quests.

Shops and restaurants can serve up to a certain amount of customers before running out of stock. Collecting income restocks the business.

Boosting Attractions will make visitors throw up, after which they get hungry and spend their money in a nearby restaurant. Roads with much traffic attract more customers than out of the way locations. To speed up sales you can place a business near the Front Gate. Another well practice is not to put businesses near the edge of your park. That's where you put your attractions and Custom Rides. Visitors will pass businesses going to and coming from them.

To build a business, click on the Buildmenu, choose Businesses and browse for a business you can afford. Place the business in your park, adjacent to a road. Building a business costs an amount of Coins, three Energy and a list of items. You can find out which items on the page with Business Upgrade Costs.

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