Attractions are the main instrument to attract visitors. The more you put in your park and the higher you upgrade them, the popular your park gets and the more people visit your park  Aside from popularity attractions produce Thrill Points, the ability to gain special items needed for upgrades and Quests and vomit.

Attractions are available in a variety of themes, like Fantasy or Jungle, becoming more thrilling the further you expand your park. Attractions can be boosted to attract more people to the attraction, get an amount of thrill points and get a chance of finding a special item. Every several hours, attractions have to be restarted. This produces the double amount of thrill points you gain from a boost.

To build an attraction, click on the Buildmenu, choose Attractions and browse for an attraction you can afford. Place the attraction in your park, adjacent to a road. Building an attraction costs an amount of Coins, three Energy and a list of items. You can find out which items  on the page with Attraction Upgrade Costs.

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