Ben Snickety is your old wealthy neighbor.

He live next door to your park.

He hate theme parks, and all the noisy grubby kids who run onto his lawn.

When you finish your "Mr. Snickety's Tour" Quest, he will explore your park.

After finishing the "Showing off for Mr. Snickety" Quest, Kelly tells you that he looks overjoyed.

"Your park is obviously a profitable venture, so I'll drop my complaints. Good luck with your little park, I'll be going now, ta-ta!" he says then leaves. It looks like you've finally won Mr. Snickety over! Who knows? Maybe he'll visit your park again!

In "Diversion Tactics" Quest, Mr. Snickety got his own park now, SNICKETY LAND, giving his guests free passes, and his going to shut down your "rickety old dump" park for good.